Written By: Yuman Amiq

Business owners are always searching for a logo design that makes their brand memorable. We’ve all witnessed firms grow from nothing to global sensations in a matter of years. Retro and vintage designs have recently gained popularity due to the increased acceptance of Netflix shows and pop culture into our daily lives. Vintage elements are popular in pop culture, which has led to the standardization of business logo designs. A retro feature in a business logo is thought to make it instantly recognizable.

Vintage logo design is now a global trend for boosting your brand. People enjoy seeing beautiful glimpses of the past in artwork created by various companies. It is now thought that including an ancient aspect in the design of a logo might help it stand out even more. Some of today’s most well-known brands have redesigned their logos to give them an old look.

What is vintage logo design?

The primary criteria for creating a vintage logo are the same as those for other logo designs. You first need to figure out what message you want your logo to send to your customers when they see it.

When you’ve covered these points, you’ll be confident in your brand’s visual representation and can go on to decide which elements you’ll need. This is a standard procedure when selecting a logo. After that, you draw a rough outline of the logo you want to see. For the outline, you can hire a designer or do it yourself. The following steps can be covered in any case:

  • Make a few notes about the type of logo you want, whether it’s a sketch or just some abstract aspects you’d like to see in it.
  • Conduct thorough research into your industry. This requires a solid understanding of old trends and how they may be applied to modern design while maintaining a strong message.
  • Use detailed sketches of the required logo, both with and without vintage features, to fine-tune your concept.
  • Revise and refine this sketch to create the final product.
  • Ask people/employees/partners for comments on the final sketch by moving it around.

It doesn’t matter if you use a vintage logo maker or hire a logo designer to create your logo. These basic practices do not change. Those that desire a vintage theme, on the other hand, must have a thorough understanding of vintage symbols. Because every firm is different, your logo design process will be different. The techniques outlined above will get your creative juices flowing so you can learn more about how to implement the vintage theme in its whole, element by element. Some of the essential elements of retro logo design are listed below.

Colour Scheme

It’s critical to pick the proper colour palette for your logo design. The colour palette is essential to your logo’s theme. The colours should convey a message to the viewer. Colours should be attractive to the eye and effective in drawing customers to your business.

You won’t want your logo to look like another company or send a mixed message. Learn more about the psychology of colours while choosing a colour scheme. Each colour invokes a distinct emotion. They can compel others to act on specific urges. Once you’ve mastered the colour theory, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions on the colour palette for your logo.

  • The colour yellow is associated with warmth, joy, and friendliness; orange, on the other hand, is associated with friendliness, confidence, and happiness, making people want to grin.
  • The colour red is bright and powerful, and it attracts people
  • Purple is a colour associated with creativity
  • The colour blue indicates trust and credibility and is commonly used in industries such as finance and law
  • Green is a natural colour that is utilized by charities and insurance companies to represent growth and health
  • The colours black and white represent neutrality

Several design twists, though, make vintage themes stand out. The vintage style of the 1960s and 1970s features many bright and stunning primary colours. The 1950s were also the same way. If you’re looking for a logo that gives a 1920s feel, choose softer, more dull colors border pastel shades. These pastel colours will better fit the goal. Complementary colours are also crucial, combining pastel shades of different contrast.


The font used in your vintage logo can make or break the overall theme. Vintage logos exist in their style and are comparable to modern fonts. It’s crucial to choose a suitable typeface for the font.

Century Gothic and Helvetica are two fonts that should never be used because they are modern and do not have a vintage feel. They’re also quite slick, which is something that vintage typefaces lack. On the other hand, fonts like Times New Roman and Baskerville Old Face are considered too vintage, even though they are old-styled. The greatest option is something classy that falls somewhere in the middle of these two extremes to give your logo a vintage feel. Whatever you choose, make it as easy to read as possible. Any extra curves or graphic elements that make the logo difficult to read will work against your branding. You don’t want to make people confused with your logo design.

In a vintage logo, the best technique is to strike the correct balance between two fonts. It shouldn’t be too cluttered or boring. You should, however, use bold typography. It may be blended, has a subtle cursive feel, and has a clean, classic look. Businesses that want to attract more customers should use a custom logo that incorporates a variety of fonts. If you find a typeface you like, make sure you figure out how to customize it and use it for your brand. Here are a few well-known vintage typefaces:

  • Blessed Day
  • Candy Inc.
  • Park Lane
  • Matchbook
  • Bazar
  • Playball

These are some examples; there are far too many typefaces to choose from while researching vintage themes. Finally, you’ll know what fits your company’s identity and matches your colour scheme. Never be afraid to pick a unique typeface for your logo with clear lines and powerful components.

Top trends

Choose authentic logos from the era of your choice if you want the best vintage logo for your company. Examine the logos of well-known automobile manufacturers, cafes, restaurants, wineries, and candle companies. Look for companies that have given their current business a vintage feel on the internet for ideas. Some of the best locations for inspiration are vintage beer logos and gas station logos.

Last word

Vintage logos are all the new hype now, and you should invest in one because they allow you to build something unique from the ground up. If your organization wishes to achieve the same objectives while remaining faithful to modern design principles, you might take a minimalistic approach to appeal to the younger audience. You might get some design inspiration from this blog on the various design categories that suit various company needs. In the end, choosing a logo is yours to make, and the type of your business will be the most important factor to consider.