Written By: Yuman Amiq

Logo design is important for your business. Animated logos are becoming a popular choice and for a good reason. A logo’s primary goal is to raise brand awareness, and movement attracts attention. Animated logos appear to be energetic! It’s all about dancing, jumping, and rolling… What is it about the logos that make them so appealing? Have you ever felt “wow” by seeing an animated logo? A moving logo has a better chance of getting attention. It can hold the viewer’s attention for longer compared to standard logos. It is also more memorable because it requires fewer interactions.

Logo Animation Trends

The adoration of logos is pretty much crazy. No wonder that animated 3D logos are becoming a popular trend in the design world. Our list of logo animation trends will assist you in helping with your business. Whether you’re a designer seeking inspiration for your next business systems logo or a brand owner looking for a creative logo, we’ve got you covered. We understand how excited you are to dive into these animated logo ideas. However, we don’t want to make you wait anymore. Let’s get right to the point and get your brand moving with beautiful animation logos.

  1. Rotating Logo Designs

All or some of the elements in these logos will rotate, as mentioned in the title. Take, for example, 500px; the lines in the logo rotate, with no element remaining static. The font is bold and fun. It generates a pattern resembling a fingerprint and transforming into a camera’s focus sign.

  1. Kinetic Typography

Because of the risk of impaired readability, many designers are hesitant to experiment with logos. However, in 2021, they break traditional rules and produce surprisingly good outcomes. What’s more, surprise! It appears that kinetic typography claims to go beyond the boundaries of traditional typography by encouraging letter stretching and distorting. It makes a brand unique and shows outstanding performance. The public well receives it. Ecommerce websites that use animated videos with kinetic typography attract more attention.

  1. Morphing

Morphing logo design continues to gain traction in 2021. The transition effect in motion pictures and animation transforms one image or shape into another. In today’s world, the idea of morphing characters, logos, images in a video is growing ever more popular.

It acts as a visual magnet, attracting our attention and compelling us to watch the impact until it is over. This approach is especially beneficial in website animation. It keeps visitors’ attention on the page and extends their time on the site. It helps with search engine optimization. Google favors sites that where users spend more time engaging.

  1. Expanding Logo Designs

Hand-drawn logos have a more personal and human-like feel. It can help a brand connect with its audience. Many designers are blending animation into hand-drawn logos, resulting in pleasing results. The possibilities for creating handwriting logos are endless. It ranges from blotchy marks to flawless strokes. Some cool examples include Burnt Toast Creative by Mantas Gr, Faymus By Brave, Yondr Studio by Nathan, and Tangles by Henrique Barone. With a hand-drawn method, the creativity of the designer is never limited. Different hand-drawn characters shift into one another in a buttery smooth way in the logo. The logo is ideal for creating items using organic materials and renewable energy.

  1. Mixing 2D and 3D

This year, 2D and 3D are still frequently blended in videos. Many motion designers combine them. It gives a video a distinct style and engages viewers more. Integrating 2D and 3D animation and introducing 2D overlayers with movement are the most often used examples of this approach. You can use this technique for large-budget commercial videos and small-scale digital advertisements.

  1. Hiding And Revealing Logo Designs

Don’t we enjoy the sense of excitement that before a major revelation? We like surprises, whether by a magic performance, a literary climax, or a game show. These types of logos generally get initials to take center stage, and then simple motions reveal the full name or vice versa. Open View is an excellent example of such a logo. The initials O and P are initially joined together before being parted oppositely to display the full brand name. This method allows for smooth transitions between the logo’s full name and shorthand.

To Wrap Up Things

Animated logos excite and engage users. It makes them ideal in an age where people’s attention spans are short. It’s critical to create a logo that communicates your company’s message. Most importantly, keep it short!

We have creative logo designers at Logo design company. They will assist you in creating awesome animated logos for your company. Our designers are professionals. We will design your logos according to your brand’s logo positioning, size, and needs. We hope you like these animated logos. If there is any trend you think we missed, please let us know in the comments section below.