Written By: Yuman Amiq

When it comes to your business’s logo design, many individuals prefer to use pre-made online. The majority of these pre-made logos are inexpensive or even free. Are these logos, however, right for your business?

To understand why a pre-made logo is not suitable for business, you need to consider these few things. A logo is similar to a business identity and should be original, attractive, and timeless. While Premade logos lack these characteristics and so cannot appropriately define your brand. Creating a pre-made logo is simple. It is useless if it does not accurately reflect your product’s identity, convey the brand’s message, or engage with customers.

Before we discuss whether you should use a pre-made design or not, it’s important to understand what a pre-made logo is.

What Is A Pre-Made Logo?

As previously said, pre-made logos are easy to find online. You may use these logos by slightly changing the font style, adding your company name, and so on. Some pre-made logo platforms also allow users to modify the colour to match their style. The reason for selecting these sorts of logos is that they are inexpensive, if not free. You can use these logos if you’re on a tight budget, but they might not be the best option for your business. However, if you are a business with a vision and want to construct a brand identity, you should never use a pre-made logo since it will give a bad image.

The following are some of the reasons why pre-made logos aren’t good for your business:

  1. No Proper Planning

Remember that activities or things that are not well planned will fail. Because it will be interactive for an extended time, the logo design should be chosen with a clear vision or purpose. Before your brand logo, one must analyze the nature of their business. Know about your target customers are and how they will communicate with people. You cannot get desired results using pre-made logos.

  1. Exclusive Rights

If you hire a logo design company, they will take the time to listen to your ideas before creating a one-of-a-kind logo. Exclusive ownership rights come with a custom logo design designed by a professional logo design company. It is something you will never have with a pre-made logo. Premade template logos lack legal rights, which might lead to trademark confusion with another brand.

  1. Copy Of Another Design

In most cases, a pre-made logo is created by copying the design of an already existing logo, with or without slight variations. This negatively impacts a brand. If customers notice that you are using someone else’s logo design, they will avoid doing business with you. The uniqueness of the design is constantly lost with pre-made logos, and it fails to represent the brand value.

  1. Designed by Unprofessional Designers

These pre-made logos are inexpensive because inexperienced freelance designers create them. A pre-made logo is never seen as a sign of professionalism. The designers in charge of producing these pre-made logos are lazy. They don’t perform their jobs honestly. Most of the time, they steal someone else’s style with a slight change, which would never work when used for your brand’s name.

A professional logo that represents your brand ideologies is what you need for your brand. Unfortunately, pre-made logos lack essential elements, and you cannot use them for business purposes.

  1. Compromised Quality

Premade logos often have a highly generic appearance and do not reflect specific values or a logical design methodology. That’s to be expected, given that they’re not created with a particular company or purpose in mind. As a result, the quality of a pre-made logo is at best circumstantial. Maybe after searching through a catalog of pre-made logos for a few hours, you’ll come across one that’s exactly right, but the chances of such a coincidence are less.

Using a poorly designed pre-made logo will give a bad impression on your business. It will indicate to customers that your company does not put out the efforts into their business. Having this type of initial impression is, of course, awful and not something you want. Consider any excellent brand or company you know; they all have a unique logo design. Nobody ever mistakes Apple with Samsung. It is because of how unique both companies are in appearance. Although both are recognized mostly for producing high-end handsets.

  1. No Design Customization

If you purchase a pre-made logo, you won’t be able to customize it, even if you don’t like something about it. Although some pre-made logo providers enable limited adjustments. But they will almost charge you more money for the same. This won’t be the case when you hire a professional logo design agency. A good logo design agency provides several versions of the same logo. If you don’t like the style, you may request changes. The logo designers will always be willing to provide you with a free revision.

Final Words

Considering these points, it is strongly advised that you avoid using pre-made logos for your business. It is recommended that each business hire a professional logo designer. They help you create a one-of-a-kind logo that carries the brand’s visual identity.